The Ultimate Guide to: The Escape

Hello everybody, and this is the ultimate guide to The Escape, this blog’s fan-fiction. This will be updated in the future when the series gets more complex but this is all for now.

Main Characters

Betty Jetty:

The main character. She was arrested by her own brother, Ned Noodlehead after a meteor/asteroid crashed into the prison she was in and gave her superpowers. She is quite strong but can be an airhead at times.


The stereotypical dumb girl.  Her best friend is Kylie who is the smartest out of the two. After Betty Jetty was put in the dream machine, she changed and became more sensible so that they could save Betty. More about her will be revealed soon.


A  supervillain who is also Summer’s best friend since childhood. She is extremely smart and always has an answer for everything. She had a bad childhood and did something terrible which got her arrested. She is currently trying to save Betty Jetty.


The villain. After failing to use the four totems from Black Widow, Dr.Hare, Captain Crawfish and Binary Bard he decided to find another powerful villain who had a totem, Betty being that villain. However, he knew that Betty would outsmart him, so he cloned himself so that he could get her totem. His clone got stuck inside Betty’s dream but the real him’s whereabouts are unknown…