The return

By the title, you’ll probably think this is an epic post about a new fan fiction or stuff like that.


I mean I’m returning to Poptropica. I haven’t played it in ages, I think I last played it in the summer holidays and I wanna play it again. I’m gonna be playing Shark Tooth Island with screenshots, so let’s gooo!


pfffff seems legit.

Yeah I need a guide

Poptropica help blooooog

Ok back on track. lets go for real now


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE ADS. For reals tho, I don’t get it. The app isn’t THAT new. I’m assuming it’s been out for a year or so. I think the creators haven’t changed the adverts on this island and many other old ones cuz they’re so busy with New Pop. Or maybe they just want people to download the app.

push that rock y'all.pngPush that rock guuuuurrrl. I like the fact that you can move this rock and stuff. Doesn’t that vine on the top right look like the number one, or is that just me?

ANYHOOOOO, I’m gonna complete this island now and end this blog post because now I have three random pictures in my files with really strange names that my brother will probably delete or send to his friends.


I’ll see y’all later bai!

Am I a shark or a whale?  Wild Whale



Blogsins #3


Today we’re gonna be making another Blogsins post. I really like to write these posts and they’re super fun. I love thinking of insults for myself. Is that sad?

Anyway, this draft was me trying to write a theory and failing miserably. Honestly, I was getting way too factual with this. Poptropica isn’t a game, the characters may be based on real people and resemble real people exactly and have the same names as real people, but they aren’t real people. I feel like I’m contradicting myself….


Hi guys, BOOOOOO. and welcome to a new type of post on this blog-Pop Theories! I’m excited about something I really struggled writing. Today we will be discussing why Amelia Earhart is in the game. She’s in the game because she can be and…it doesn’t really matter?  History tells us that Amelia disappeared July 2, 1937, and was never found again and in 1939 she was declared dead because nobody could find her. I legit used Wikipedia just to find out this stuff. And past Wild Whale thought although she knew nothing about Amelia she could just criticise the creators who probably know more than her. If she was alive (she might be, we never know) She would’ve died of old age or starvation or dehydration or something like that so yes, we do know. today, she would be more than 100 years old. Like I said before, she’s probably dead. .So how come the Poptropica Creators have put her into the game, and made her look like a teenager?Also, I think young kids playing Poptropica would be creeped out by a 100+-year-old woman flying in an aeroplane with them. It is a nice idea for Monkey Wrench island, having her fly the plane and all, but she shouldn’t be there. She can be there and she is, so get over it Wild Whale.

Perhaps some of the creators believe that she is still alive No they don’t. I gave up writing this because it was too hard.

OHHH, THE CRINGE IS OVER. I have one more draft of this Pop Theories poop, so I’ll probably post it next week. Another strange post might be coming out tomorrow, so get your kitchen gloves on.



Hi guyssss, it’s Wild Whale. If you’re wondering whatever the hell I do with my life nowadays then here you go:

BUT WAIT…..I haven’t posted on that in ages. So what am I really doing?
Well, dear friends, the answer to your question is simple. I play Roblox. Prison Life. Every day of my life. ‘Tis a great game to play when you wanna rage and slam your face into the keyboard whenever a guard arrests you. In case anyone wants to play Roblox with me then my username issss


There ya go, guys.


Blogsins #2


Ayyye, I’m back again with some more CinemaSins blog edition, aka BlogSins! I don’t think this will be a proper series, mainly because I only have like 2 or 3 drafts that I can actually make fun of, the others are like 5 words or nothing at all. Anyway, let’s get right on into the second post of BlogSins.


Chapter 1: I couldn’t think of a title.

“I hate this, and I hate him!” Betty Jetty sighed. Starting with speech because I couldn’t think of any other way to start my stories.

Ever since she had been taken to jail by her own brother, Ned Noodlehead and that stupid girl Jessie , I had to rewrite this with the name ‘Skye’ instead of Jessie (the name I like using online) because I realized it was too similar to Jessica, Poptropica’s social media manager.

she had grown even more distant from him. She hadn’t liked him very much from the start, he had always been the smartest and was their parent’s favourite. Now she despised him.

That paragraph of explaining because I couldn’t think of any other way.                                “Oh, you’ll pay Ned, for what you did to me” she muttered. The main character talking to themselves and everyone thinking they’re crazy cliche.

“Seriously, you gotta stop talking to yourself, or people will think you’re crazy!” Black Widow exclaimed. Black Widow talks the way that one of my friends does.

Black Widow was Betty Jetty’s only friend, because she didn’t tease her about her strange pink hair that always stood on end because her hair was exactly the same, only black. Another paragraph of explaining after speech.

She had been taken back to jail after being found by the police sitting in her old hideout, crying because she wasn’t evil anymore. That’s just sad. Everyone, let’s have a moment of silence for Black Widow.

“I’m just thinking about my brother, jeez. That’s not a bad thing, is it?”                                     “It is, duh!” Black Widow said. “Your Wrong your, you’re** a criminal, the only person you should think about is yourself  Tru dat. I also didn’t finish the speech which really triggers me.

Well, that’s the end of that. I also wanted to say something that made me laugh while writing this post, but probably won’t make you laugh lolol. When I was writing this, I started thinking that Betty Jetty and Black Widow would be in prison cells, and regular citizens would come up to them and say lololol right in their faces. That’s extremely strange.

I’m thinking of sinning previous blog posts I made, but I just wanted to know what you guys think before I start writing them. ALSO, yesterday I surpassed my previous record of likes by 1 (it used to be 4, now it’s 5) so I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who enjoyed that post and liked it. I really appreciate the support.

Cya later dudes,

Wild Whale

That text layout tho, so bad



Becoming CinemaSins, blog edition.

This blog post is pretty long, so make sure you have at least 5-10 minutes to read it, depending on how fast you read.

Hello everyone who happened to click on this blog post. My name is Solar Sa- Oh, hi guys!


“I heard that she didn’t post on her blog for months at a time” says a curious viewer.

Well I’m posting for the third time this month, curious viewer. Anyway, I wanted to share with you the 5th chapter of ‘The Escape’, my previous fan fiction. First of all I just wanted to say that I won’t be continuing my fan fiction anymore, mainly because it felt forced. When I wrote it, the words didn’t flow. I didn’t feel a connection with that story like I do with others that I’ve written. I’m currently writing a story for my homework, and I’m thinking of sharing it when I’m finished (It’s not Poptropica related so it might be on my non pop blog when I make one). Anyway, I’m making this post for the readers of my blog back in the day, I have like 8 more drafts and one of them just says ‘Yeah,I know’. What do you know Wild Whale? Care to share it with us? jk lolol.

But anyway, to that one fan of ‘The Escape’ here’s that final chapter that I wrote. It’s obviously not even finished, so I’m gonna be making fun of it along the way.

Alright, here we go!

I know it’s been forever but here’s the next chapter of the escape. I hope you enjoy it!

We know it’s been forever Wild Whale. That’s why Short Feather thought you were dead .-.

Chapter 5: The argument  Way to ruin the entire chapter in the title .-.

“Soooo, if we sneak into the Dream Room through the vents then…” began Kylie, but she was interrupted by Summer.

Smart girl gets interrupted when she has a good plan and is about to share it cliche

“Like, OMG, THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR A GIRL LIKE ME TO HANDLE!” Summer yelled, running around the Mess Hall like a lunatic. “MY BRAIN IS TOO SMALL. IN FACT I DON’T EVEN THINK I HAVE A BRAIN. AGGGHHH!”

Dumb blonde girl cliche (5 points to whatever house you’re in if you remembered her hair colour, I know you probably didn’t) 

“SUMMER! Calm down! We’re gonna rescue Betty and get outta here, with a plan so easy that even you’ll understand! Just…. CHILL!” Kylie said, trying to calm Summer down, but insulting her in the process.

Girl’s ‘BFF’ insults her by accident and starts an argument cliche. This happens to me wayyyy too many times in real life

Summer knelt down and burst into tears. She clenched her fist and hit the floor before looking up and glaring at Kylie, who took a couple of steps back.

I named Kylie after Kylie Jenner.

“I know…that I’m dumb….but when someone else says it….it really hurts… WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Summer sobbed.

Summer cries way too much and way too loud.

Also, Summer is stating something that isn’t true. Whenever I say I have no friends, I cry. When someone else says I have no friends, I cry. SUMMER WHY YOU LYIN’?

Kylie didn’t know what to do, so she just stared at the ground and didn’t talk. Summer was her only friend, and now she was gonna lose her to a stupid arguement

Stupid spelling error. argument*

Well anyway, that’s it. This has been a pretty long post, but I really wanna get back into the swing of things by posting more often.

I hope you enjoyed me hating on my past self. I wrote this chapter about 5 months ago, and then stopped posting.

Anyway, I’ll see you later this week,

Wild Whale



Well then….

So many people have been following my blog (like 2 and I’m always inactive) so I felt as if I had to make a blog post for those people.

And the people who have been following me from the very first day.

So hi there, my name is Wild Whale. I post every 5 months and…yeah…

The main reason I’ve been inactive is because I’ve lost a bit of interest in gaming. As a whole. I play games less than I used to, cuz I’m addicted to Youtube and Mystic Messenger (707 is life lolol).

Another main reason of inactivity is school work. Yeah, I know, this is the main excuse every blogger comes up with when they’ve been inactive. But my school is giving me loads and I MEAN LOADS of homework to prepare for tests in a couple of months, which means I’m always busy doing those (I have an assignment I have to hand in on Friday and I haven’t even started it ._.) and I don’t really have that much time for blogging.

The last reason is that I’ve been waiting for New Pop coughs I MEAN Poptropica Worlds (I still read Pop blogs y’know) and I can’t really be bothered to log into Poptropica. Again, my life has been taken up with Youtube and Mystic Messenger and Roblox and drawing and…stuffs.

But yeah, I’m super excited for Poptropica Worlds to come out and I’m definitely gonna play it, but for now, this blog’s gonna be a lil bit…dead…just a tiny bit. I’ll try and post once a week, and I’m also thinking of making a non-Poptropica blog to post on. I think it’ll be way easier to post about things non related to Poptropica. I’m not confirming that I will, just saying I might.

Anyway guys, that’s all from me for the next 5 months(jk) I’ll see you later…..


Hello. Did you forget about me? You probably did, and it’s because I haven’t been posting. I’m sorry. I always made posts saying that I’d stop being inactive and now look what I’ve done. Anyway, I’m struggling to find subjects to blog about, so what I think I’ll do is wait until Poptropica Worlds comes out, and I’ll see what I can blog about.


Wild Whale

My birthday!

Hey guys it’s Wild Whale here and…..


I am super excited so…yeah….

I wish New Pop would come out today, it would be the perfect present.

I can only dream…..

Ayyyye guys, it’s Wild Whale here again!

Today I’m gonna talk about current Poptropica’s problems. If the creators are reading this (they probably won’t) I hope you don’t get offended.

(Let’s go)

Right now the creators are currently focusing on New Pop. That’s totally fine, but it means that nothing new is coming out on the CURRENT Pop, the one that all of us are actually playing. I’m not saying I don’t want New Pop to come out. I’m really excited for it, I just want to enjoy the Current Poptropica before the New one comes out.


This ^^^^ (it’s just a prank bro)

Anyway, that’s what I think is wrong with the current Pop.

Wild Whale


An explanation

Hi guys, it’s me. Bet you didn’t expect to see me post ever again, did ya? Well hear I am. I’m extremely sorry for not posting for almost 2 months, school was taking up all my time. Bad excuse, I know, but I am truly sorry and I will try my absolute best to not become inactive as often. As for my blog, well:


I never really had a schedule before, but I wanna have one right now, so I will. This blog used to have at least one post every two days, but now I’m going to publish 2 posts a week. It may not seem like much, but with this schedule I’ll be able to do both blogging and schoolwork. There may be more or less posts a week (more in a half term, less on the week of my birthday, which is the 15th) but don’t lose hope. This blog will rise back to it’s former glory.

Until next time guys,

Wild Whale.