Blogsins #4

Oh no, my last draft…

HEY GUYS’ IT’S WILD WHALE and welcome to the last post of BlogSins. I am extremely upset that this moment has come, but I have no more drafts left to insult in a way that should be satire but seems way too real. This is probably because I have made hardly any posts on this blog compared to many others and I was inactive WAY too often. This embarrassing post was on the topic of SUIs, and why those certain islands were made into SUIs. I have no idea when I wrote this, but it was because I saw Hputerpop talking about SUIs and I thought “Hey! That sounds like a pretty good idea that will get me lots of likes and hits. Let’s do it!” Of course, like most of my other drafts, it’s unfinished and was given up on because I had ran out of ideas. How sad is that?

Anyway, I’ve been talking way too much, let’s get on to today’s cringefest.

Hello fellow Poptropicans This dumb intro, and welcome to a new type of post on this blog!I was about to comment on this, but I realised that after not publishing the other post, I called this one the first post in this series. Of course, I never posted it so… In these posts, I’m gonna be talking about the mysteries of Poptropica….. LAME

Anyway, today’s theory is about the SUIs.We know, we read the title. I know that some people hate the SUIs and some people love them but why did they not change all of the islands into SUIs? Because it takes a lot of time and effort and most people don’t like them so they probably discontinued making them. The creators only made a couple of islands into them, and all of the newer islands are SUIs. Obviously, it was the latest island style, so they used it for all the newer islands.But they have to have something in common Do they? Do they really?, because the creators wouldn’t have just picked islands out of a hat and turn them into SUIs.They could’ve. How do you know? So, we’re gonna find out what the similarities are. No, we’re not.


T for told ya


That’s for those Americans who try to sound like us Brits and imitate us in a very insulting way.

You know who you are.

I’m writing this right after Blogsins #3 has been posted and when you read this, my half-term will have ended. -sigh-

Cya later duuddeeesss

Cringefest host Wild Whale


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