Blogsins #3


Today we’re gonna be making another Blogsins post. I really like to write these posts and they’re super fun. I love thinking of insults for myself. Is that sad?

Anyway, this draft was me trying to write a theory and failing miserably. Honestly, I was getting way too factual with this. Poptropica isn’t a game, the characters may be based on real people and resemble real people exactly and have the same names as real people, but they aren’t real people. I feel like I’m contradicting myself….


Hi guys, BOOOOOO. and welcome to a new type of post on this blog-Pop Theories! I’m excited about something I really struggled writing. Today we will be discussing why Amelia Earhart is in the game. She’s in the game because she can be and…it doesn’t really matter?  History tells us that Amelia disappeared July 2, 1937, and was never found again and in 1939 she was declared dead because nobody could find her. I legit used Wikipedia just to find out this stuff. And past Wild Whale thought although she knew nothing about Amelia she could just criticise the creators who probably know more than her. If she was alive (she might be, we never know) She would’ve died of old age or starvation or dehydration or something like that so yes, we do know. today, she would be more than 100 years old. Like I said before, she’s probably dead. .So how come the Poptropica Creators have put her into the game, and made her look like a teenager?Also, I think young kids playing Poptropica would be creeped out by a 100+-year-old woman flying in an aeroplane with them. It is a nice idea for Monkey Wrench island, having her fly the plane and all, but she shouldn’t be there. She can be there and she is, so get over it Wild Whale.

Perhaps some of the creators believe that she is still alive No they don’t. I gave up writing this because it was too hard.

OHHH, THE CRINGE IS OVER. I have one more draft of this Pop Theories poop, so I’ll probably post it next week. Another strange post might be coming out tomorrow, so get your kitchen gloves on.




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