Well then….

So many people have been following my blog (like 2 and I’m always inactive) so I felt as if I had to make a blog post for those people.

And the people who have been following me from the very first day.

So hi there, my name is Wild Whale. I post every 5 months and…yeah…

The main reason I’ve been inactive is because I’ve lost a bit of interest in gaming. As a whole. I play games less than I used to, cuz I’m addicted to Youtube and Mystic Messenger (707 is life lolol).

Another main reason of inactivity is school work. Yeah, I know, this is the main excuse every blogger comes up with when they’ve been inactive. But my school is giving me loads and I MEAN LOADS of homework to prepare for tests in a couple of months, which means I’m always busy doing those (I have an assignment I have to hand in on Friday and I haven’t even started it ._.) and I don’t really have that much time for blogging.

The last reason is that I’ve been waiting for New Pop coughs I MEAN Poptropica Worlds (I still read Pop blogs y’know) and I can’t really be bothered to log into Poptropica. Again, my life has been taken up with Youtube and Mystic Messenger and Roblox and drawing and…stuffs.

But yeah, I’m super excited for Poptropica Worlds to come out and I’m definitely gonna play it, but for now, this blog’s gonna be a lil bit…dead…just a tiny bit. I’ll try and post once a week, and I’m also thinking of making a non-Poptropica blog to post on. I think it’ll be way easier to post about things non related to Poptropica. I’m not confirming that I will, just saying I might.

Anyway guys, that’s all from me for the next 5 months(jk) I’ll see you later…..



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