So guys, I’m back and I LOVE POPTROPICA AGAIN! I literally can’t believe I had to do that but I am back to normal, loving Poptropica and blogging again. ANYHOOOOOOOO, today I’m gonna talk about this strange glitch I’ve encountered everytime I try to complete an island. For example, I start up Super Villain (I’ve already completed this island, but the glitch worked it’s magic on this one) I go into the Control Room and talk to that lady, then do the parachute thing, enter Erewhon and…..

Yeah, that’s all that happens. I don’t get a mugshot or get disinfected, I just walk to the dream room and then… the bonus quest starts. I look in my inventory and I have the island medallion. After I get on the blimp and look at the map and the bar underneath Super Villain island is only half complete. Weird, right? If you don’t believe me then here are some pictures. I tried to complete Counterfeit Island but after I gave Balloon Boy his balloon it skipped to the boss battle with Black Widow.

Also, I bagged myself this bootiful Diamond Drill >_<


Anyway, here are the two pictures:



This is actually really weird. Yes, I will actually complete the island, cos restarting the island fixes this glitch. I’m sorry that this post has kinda just been pics and nothing else, but The Escape is coming back tomorrow, so I hope you’re excited for it.

Until later guys (I really need to start writing the next few chapters of the escape!),

Wild Whale (#fancy once more)


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