So guys, there’s no title, so something must be up. That is completely right. I have to be honest with you guys, so…. I’m kinda bored of Poptropica. And no, this is not a post saying that I’m leaving the Pop community. It’s a post to tell you I’m going to be inactive-again. And this is not a lame excuse or anything like that, but I feel as if I have to rediscover Poptropica, the game that I really wanted to play after 5 years for some strange reason. The game that showed me some amazing blogs, and inspired me to make the blog that you’re reading this post on.

I really hope you do understand, I’ll start posting again on Tuesday (GBT). Also, my limbs really hurt because I had a 6 hour swimming lesson yesterday, so I have to relax.

Until later,

Wild Whale (I am not worthy of fancyness)


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