The Escape (4)

Chapter 4: The Totem

Betty Jetty woke up. Well, she thought she had woken up. She, in fact, was dreaming. She scanned the area that she was now in. There was no sign of Dr. Jupiter yet. That was good. She began to walk away from the chair that she had woken up in, but she heard a voice in her head saying: “Stay here”.

“What’s happening?” Betty Jetty asked. “Why should I stay?”

There was no answer. After a while of waiting, she walked over to the chair and sat back down. All of a sudden, there was a flash of light. Betty Jetty got up, hid behind the chair and peeked round the corner. It was Dr. Jupiter,who was standing next to a purple portal.

“That must be my ticket outta here!” she whispered, but became silent once Dr.Jupiter began to talk.

“Where is that totem? I have to find it before she does!” he said.

Betty  tried not to breathe. Now before she could go, she had to find that totem-thingy, and it probably wasn’t going to be easy. However, she thought it would be extremely precious or Dr.Jupiter wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble to find it.

“Betty, where are you? Betty, are you here? BETTY!” he shouted, before running off in the other direction.

Sighing with relief, she got up and looked under the chair. There she could see a model aeroplane. She picked it up and put it into her pocket. Was this the so-called totem that Zeus/Dr.Jupiter wanted? She checked that Zeus was really gone, before jumping into the portal.

While Betty goes through the portal…

Zeus checked his scanner. According to it, there wasn’t even a totem in Betty’s dream. He began to make his way back to the portal, and saw Betty jumping through it.

“NONONONONONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Zeus cried, as the portal closed up, leaving him alone in Betty’s dream. He assumed that she had taken the totem with her. What Betty didn’t know was that he was a mere clone, and the real Zeus was waiting for her on the outside….


So it’s me again, Wild Whale and it has been forever since I last posted. I’m really sorry, I was trying to code a platformer game and I got a little carried away and forgot about everything else.

Anyway, until later guys,

Wild Whale


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