The escape (3)

Chapter 3:

Meanwhile, all of the inmates were in the Mess Hall, eating their dinner. Betty Jetty hadn’t been seen since she’d went to the Dream Room.

“Where is she?” Summer asked her best friend Kylie, for the billionth time.

“I actually have no idea,” Kylie replied, which was strange because Kylie was the smartest inmate in the prison.

All of a sudden, the loudspeaker turned on and someone started speaking. The prisoners stopped eating their food.

“Prisoners!” came a familiar voice from the loudspeaker. “It is I, Zeus, and I have awoken from my slumber. I will destroy this prison, and all of you, and take away your powers. Then I will finally rule over Poptropica! MWHAHAHAHA!”  The prisoners started to panic, throwing their plates into the air and sucking their plastic spoons. They were terrified. He was Zeus, King of the Gods. Who knew what he could do to them?

“It’s all right everyone. Don’t panic, you’ll be fine!” one of the officers shouted, but she couldn’t calm them down. They went crazy, searching for weapons they could use to defend themselves. It was then that the officers heard lightening crackle outside, and realised that all of them were in danger…

The footsteps became louder and louder, until, CRASH! The door fell off it’s hinges and flew across the room, and landed on one of the prisoners. Zeus walked slowly into the room and grinned at all of the prisoners. They looked back at him, trembling.

“I actually like you guys, you’re evil, just like me!” Zeus exclaimed. “How about you work with me, and help me rule the world!”

All prisoners dropped their spoons and looked at each other, before leaving the Mess Hall with Zeus. All of them, except for two people. After making sure everyone was gone, Kylie and Summer crawled out from under the table and sighed with relief.

“First Betty disappears and now all of our friends have turned against us to work with Zeus! What are we gonna do now?” Summer cried, gripping her plastic knife with a sweaty hand.

“I don’t know,” Kylie whispered, but she did know. They needed a plan.


Oh man, it’s been forever since the last chapter of ‘The Escape’, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. Hopefully my schedule will be back to normal soon, but just know ‘The Escape’ will be out sometime near the end of this week.

Anyway, that’s it for now guys,

Wild Whale



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