So, you may be wondering, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH MY TITLES? I mean, half of them end with an ellipses or an exclamation mark. And sometimes they’re boring. Or both. The thing is, I’m absolutely rubbish at thinking up titles, so I either:

•Get inspiration from other blogs

•Give up and ask my family for help

That’s pretty much why all of my titles sound really dumb and don’t hook anyone in. I mean, if someone looked at my titles right now without reading the actual post, I think they would slam their face against their keyboard. Just my opinion.

I know it was EXTREMELY short, and I said that I would be inactive, but I missed this blogging thing and really wanted to come back.

Until later dudettes (and dudes),

Wild Whale (The fanciest cat maid/whale that ever lived)


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