So I was just scrolling through PHB posts, the usual stuff, when I noticed a post about an ad of a new upcoming movie called Nine Lives  and I was feeling really sorry for myself because my game always glitches and I can never see any ads anywhere. I have contacted the Creators but I’ve had no response yet. Also the antivirus on my computer has ran out which means I literally can’t click on anything without being brought to another page. Because I can’t use my own computer it’s gonna be hard to make posts on this blog, but I’ll use my IPad  (Which is what I’m doing now) and hopefully I’ll be able to make quality posts once more. I wish I could write more but I have nothing to write about about apart from my misfortune, and I’m sure you probably don’t want to read about me moaning about my life.

Until later Poptropicans,

Wild Whale


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