The escape (1)

Chapter 1: To Erewhon Prison For Supervillains

“No, you don’t understand” Betty Jetty cried, while she was being cuffed by Skye.

“Betty, I’m sorry. I didn’t think this would happen, but it’s for your own good,” said Ned Noodlehead, her brother.

Betty Jetty was silent. She had been accused for flying without a licence seven years ago, and when she had finally escaped and gotten superpowers, she thought she could just fly away and start a new life. But she had been wrong. Nothing went well for her, ever since her stupid brother was born. As she was dragged into the police car she thought about her childhood. When her brother was born, her parents forgot all about her, and only cared about him. He grew up to be extremely smart and was better than Betty at everything. At sixteen, she decided to run away from home and attempted to do so using her father’s plane. The RAF shot her down and she was taken to jail.

“Why is my life so horrible?” Betty Jetty asked herself, but she had no answer for it.

“Get out, scumbag. You’re here.” shouted the Police Officer, glaring at Betty Jetty. Betty Jetty got out and walked towards the prison, with the Police Officer holding both of her hands behind her back. She knew that as soon as she got in, they would try to get rid of her powers, the only thing that made her happy. However, when she got in, she was greeted by a crowd of prisoners.

“Ohmygosh! You’re Betty Jetty. We have heard, like, so much about you!” exclaimed one of the prisoners, who was very tall with blonde hair.

“But… I just got arrested…” Betty Jetty said, very confused.

“News spreads REALLY quickly around here, didn’t ya know?” said another prisoner, who had long brown hair and was very short.

Breathing heavily, Betty Jetty tried to think. She had to. At this prison she was basically a celebrity. That was the problem. She didn’t want to be one. She had expected life at this prison to be awful, but being really popular would make it torture.

“Anyway, like, my name’s Summer, and I’m, like, pleased to meet you. When we were told you were, like, coming they told us to tell you that you had to go to the, like, Dream Room. Don’t worry, Dr. Jupiter isn’t here anymore!” Summer exclaimed to the extremely confused Betty.

So, Betty Jetty left and started thinking about flying. That usually made her feel better. But not this time. She turned the corner and walked into the Dream Room. A tall man loomed in front of her.

“You are Betty Jetty, right? Yes, yes of course you are. You have crazy hair. Anyway the, um, doctor will see you now, blah, blah, blah.” the strange man muttered.

Betty Jetty gulped. What were they going to do to her?……..


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