I’m back, did ya miss me?

Yes… I know… I haven’t posted. And I’m sorry. I was a bit busy and I kinda forgot about blogging……..LOL!!!

I am absolutely loving blogging.  There are two brand new BFG ads, and I loved the BFG (book) when I was a kid. (Credit to the PHB for this pic, I owe ya)

 So basically when you use the dream trumpet, it’ll shoot out either a shoot out either a purple, yellow, or green orby-thingy. The ‘orby-thingy’ will dye the poptropican that you aim it at. As for stride by, I’m not telling ya. Go to http://www.poptropica.com and play to see what stride by does!

As for me, I’ll be posting a bit more often on this ‘AMAZING’ blog, so you guys won’t be bored if you’ve read all of the Poptropica Blogs that exist.

From your best  friend,

Wild Whale (I am soooo #fancyyyyyy)




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