I’m mad…

You might be wondering why I’m mad… I mean… Think about it… How many Finding Dory adverts have you seen? They’re all over Roblox, Poptropica and loads of other gaming websites too. I mean, seriously, its just another Pixar movie. No other movies have been this viral before, so why is this one EVERYWHERE! I haven’t even watched Finding Nemo because all my friends told me it’s rubbish. Anyhooo, it doesn’t even come out in the UK until July 29th, so there’s no point in even telling me about it, because I can’t even watch it until the end of next month!


Welp, that’s moan over. I’m excited for New Pop, so I guess that can cheer me up.

Until later,

The very angry Wild Whale

(This is literally my face right now)


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