Goodbye…But hello?

I’ve decided to make a non poptropica blog… so here it is:

I don’t want to quit blogging yet, so I’m making an new blog instead of quitting altogether. On my new blog, I’ll talk about some life stories(nothing personal) why I’m a troll, art and more. I think its easier to talk about varied subjects instead of just keeping to the same thing all the time. I hope you enjoy my new posts, I’ll try to post 2 or 3 a week!


Wild Whale

Alright guys, I’ve been gone for quite a while, there’s no denying that. I’m sorry of course, but I don’t think that will help me from stopping inactivity. I live in England, so my summer holidays start on the 21st July, waaaay after the summer holiday start in America. Normally I would say I’m busy with school, but I’m not. I have no homework, and pretty much all I’m doing is practising for the play (We’re doing ‘Oliver!’).

To be honest….

I don’t feel like posting about Poptropica anymore. I played Poptropica Worlds for about 5 minutes before uninstalling it. I love to blog, just not about Poptropica anymore.

Sooo, here are my two options.

Changing this blog into a non poptropica blog or…

Making a new blog altogether

I’m gonna be completely honest right now…I don’t even play Poptropica anymore. I stopped playing around 6 months ago, and after that I just used to log in so I could make more content for my blog. I feel really bad saying this, and I probably seem like a huge fake or something like that, but just hear me out.

I’m terrible at puzzle games, and because Poptropica is a puzzle game (kinda) I used to use the PHB’s tutorials to help me, like most other people. But then I read all of the walkthroughs, just for fun. I didn’t think that it would affect me in any way, but when I tried to play another island, I got bored. I knew the plot of the island, so what was the point in playing it? That was what screwed me over.

I think making a new blog would be the best option, but I wanna hear from you guys. Using the same blog would mean changing the URL and stuff, and then it would be hard for people to see my blog, so there isnt much of a point of asking, but I wanna ask anyway.

Sorry guys~

A wild, stupid whale

1 year of inactiveness

Hello everyone it’s Wild Whale and…




Seriously though, thank you to everyone who has supported me in my blogging journey. I know this isn’t the best blog and I’m always inactive, but thank you to everyone who stayed by me 🙂

I really wanna thank you guys sooo

Imma do a face reveal

Here we go

(Scroll down)





















disgusting man

-Wild Whale

Hellooo earth (blogsins #5?)

My logo


The white dots outlining the letters…

If you look closely the colours don’t even match…


Have I made you cringe yet ;)?

Let’s get on to some beautiful blogsins, the series where I will now be insulting previous posts that I’ve made. This is honestly because I have nothing else to post on this that’s Poptropica-related so I might as well.

Today we’re insulting- I MEAN sinning the actual first chapter of ‘The Escape’, a title that took me almost 2 weeks to think of. I honestly dislike everything to do with that fan fiction, but I’m so much of a saint that I’m gonna read this again so my eyes burn out for your entertainment, but it’s fine people

*shoves ice cube in eyelids*

All right, let’s begin!

Chapter 1: To Erewhon Prison For Supervillains But I don’t wanna!

“No, you don’t understand” Betty Jetty cried, while she was being cuffed by Skye. You mean: as Skye cuffed her, right?

“Betty, I’m sorry. I didn’t think this would happen, but it’s for your own good,” said Ned Noodlehead, her brother. How is it exactly?

Betty Jetty was silent. She had been accused for flying without a licence seven years ago, and when she had finally escaped and gotten superpowers, she thought she could just fly away and start a new life. I actually got one of those red underliney things from Grammarly and it’s actually supposed to be accused OF. So there.

But she had been wrong. Nothing went well for her, ever since her stupid brother was born. As she was dragged into the police car she thought about her childhood. She didn’t THINK about it, she REMEMBERED it.

When her brother was born, her parents forgot all about her, and only cared about him. He grew up to be extremely smart and was better than Betty at everything. Sad backstory cliches because that was literally all I could do back then At sixteen, she decided to run away from home and attempted to do so using her father’s plane. Runaway, runaway, runaway baby! (That Bruno Mars reference tho) The RAF shot her down and she was taken to jail. Ouch…Wait a sec, if they shot her down, wouldn’t she have died? I don’t think she was flying like 2cm above ground.

“Why is my life so horrible?” Betty Jetty asked herself, but she had no answer for it. It’s horrible because you’re a cliche villain Betty. Plus why would she have an answer for it if she asked the question? Don’t people ask questions if they want the other person to tell them the answer?


“Get out, scumbag. You’re here.” shouted the Police Officer, glaring at Betty Jetty. Crimal abuse.

 Betty Jetty got out and walked towards the prison, with the Police Officer holding both of her hands behind her back. I bet you they can’t afford handcuffs.

She knew that as soon as she got in, they would try to get rid of her powers, the only thing that made her happy. I think Betty’s played Super Villain Island or whatever it’s called. 

However, when she got in, she was greeted by a crowd of prisoners. Because being new makes people like you.

“Ohmygosh! You’re Betty Jetty. We have heard, like, so much about you!” exclaimed one of the prisoners, who was very tall with blonde hair. Summer alert, Summer alert.

“But… I just got arrested…” Betty Jetty said, very confused.  Exactly Betty. However much of a cliche you are, you have a pinch of common sense.

“News spreads REALLY quickly around here, didn’t ya know?” said another prisoner, who had long brown hair and was very short. This is Kylie, but she seems out of character in this. I honestly don’t know how Kylie got arrested, but I feel as if Summer would have dragged her into this. And, news spreading to a prison that’s basically called ‘Nowhere Prison’ in like 5 minutes? As if.

Breathing heavily, Betty Jetty tried to think. She had to. About what? I’ve actually just realised, but the name ‘Betty Jetty’ sounds super childish.At this prison she was basically a celebrity. That was the problem. She didn’t want to be one. Yet the reason she ran AWAY from home was because she got no attention. Now that she’s GETTING attention, she wants to be alone again. What the actual hamster bottoms? She had expected life at this prison to be awful, but being really popular would make it torture. Yeah, being put on a rack and having your limbs stretched until your bones crack is exactly the same as having people follow you around everywhere.

“Anyway, like, my name’s Summer, and I’m, like, pleased to meet you. When we were told you were, like, coming they told us to tell you that you had to go to the, like, Dream Room. Don’t worry, Dr. Jupiter isn’t here anymore!” Summer exclaimed to the extremely confused Betty. Yeah, as if the prison staff would tell basically confidential information to a dumb prisoner.

So, Betty Jetty left and started thinking about flying. That usually made her feel better. Of course, after her last experience with flying, involving being shot down and almost DYING, the thought of it will calm her down. Because logic. But not this time. She turned the corner and walked into the Dream Room. A tall man loomed in front of her. I made him try to sound a little bit scary or something put he’s just a mumbling, bumbling fool.

“You are Betty Jetty, right? Yes, yes of course you are. You have crazy hair. Having crazy hair means you’re Betty Jetty. That means I’m Betty, and you’re probably Betty. Anyway the, um, doctor will see you now, blah, blah, blah.” the strange man muttered. I bet you a can of beans he actually said ‘blah, blah, blah’

Betty Jetty gulped. What were they going to do to her?…….. They’re gonna mince you alive and put you in a lasagne Betty… Yeah, what’s a doctor gonna do to a person who has superpowers from a strange meteor? Not guessed yet? He’s gonna examine what gave her the powers. If Betty is smart enough to wonder how the news of her arrest reached prisoners in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE IN 5 MINUTES, I THINK SHE’S GONNA GUESS WHAT A DOCTOR WILL DO TO HER, A PERSON WHO HAS SUPERPOWERS.

*smashes face against keyboard*

Anyway that’s it for now guys. It honestly took me like half an hour to write this post, although it will probably take you 5 or 10 minutes to read, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

I’ll see you guys later byeee

*give Lucky Wing a fridge that is now a shocking shade of violet and runs away with a hamster with a frozen butt*


Meh meh meh meh meh going on and on and on

Just checked WordPress and saw this




I mean I expected that but…


I am losing hope in this…community…just a little bit

I’m gonna be sinning previous blog posts that I’ve previously posted, but after that, I honestly don’t know what to do.

I would post some fan art but…

I don’t do fan art for Poptropica

It’s just one of those fandoms that I’m not really a part of anymore

Plus my mum took my tablet to another country so I’m not seeing it anytime soon, so when I get it back I’ll be able to post some pictures.

I’ve only really done ‘fan art’ for Melanie Martinez and Star Vs The Forces Of Evil (Starco starco starco all the way) and that isn’t really Poptropica-related.

Well I’ll be seeing you guys in my next post

Or not…


I’m watching you through whatever device you’re reading this on….

*runs away while holding fridge*


Did you guys believe me? Did ya?  Did ya really?

That wasn’t funny was it

Well I guess it was a long lasting prank. I was gonna post something the day after but I thought it would be funny if you guys believed me.

Sorry for being an absolute troll, I hope you can find it in your poptropican hearts to forgive me.

Wild whale (I’m surprised you didn’t guess it was a prank)



Hi guys its me

for the last time

I’m gonna delete this blog

I just don’t know what to post and I’m kinda inactive

So I might as well

happy April fools day btw Wild Whale


Hey guys it’s…..who am I kidding Lol

I honestly have no idea what tother post about.

There have been no new updates

Kill me

But that cinema thing is coming soon so yay I guess!

Blogsins #4

Oh no, my last draft…

HEY GUYS’ IT’S WILD WHALE and welcome to the last post of BlogSins. I am extremely upset that this moment has come, but I have no more drafts left to insult in a way that should be satire but seems way too real. This is probably because I have made hardly any posts on this blog compared to many others and I was inactive WAY too often. This embarrassing post was on the topic of SUIs, and why those certain islands were made into SUIs. I have no idea when I wrote this, but it was because I saw Hputerpop talking about SUIs and I thought “Hey! That sounds like a pretty good idea that will get me lots of likes and hits. Let’s do it!” Of course, like most of my other drafts, it’s unfinished and was given up on because I had ran out of ideas. How sad is that?

Anyway, I’ve been talking way too much, let’s get on to today’s cringefest.

Hello fellow Poptropicans This dumb intro, and welcome to a new type of post on this blog!I was about to comment on this, but I realised that after not publishing the other post, I called this one the first post in this series. Of course, I never posted it so… In these posts, I’m gonna be talking about the mysteries of Poptropica….. LAME

Anyway, today’s theory is about the SUIs.We know, we read the title. I know that some people hate the SUIs and some people love them but why did they not change all of the islands into SUIs? Because it takes a lot of time and effort and most people don’t like them so they probably discontinued making them. The creators only made a couple of islands into them, and all of the newer islands are SUIs. Obviously, it was the latest island style, so they used it for all the newer islands.But they have to have something in common Do they? Do they really?, because the creators wouldn’t have just picked islands out of a hat and turn them into SUIs.They could’ve. How do you know? So, we’re gonna find out what the similarities are. No, we’re not.


T for told ya


That’s for those Americans who try to sound like us Brits and imitate us in a very insulting way.

You know who you are.

I’m writing this right after Blogsins #3 has been posted and when you read this, my half-term will have ended. -sigh-

Cya later duuddeeesss

Cringefest host Wild Whale